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        Russia adoption

Russia Accreditation

Children's Hope International is pleased to announce that as of December 14, 2007 we received official order #355 from the Ministry of Education, signed on December 14, 2007.  We also received an Accreditation certificate #31, issued on December 19, 2007 granting us authority to place children for adoption from within the territory of the Russian Federation. This accreditation will be non expiring.

More than 1,400 families have adopted in Russia since we started our program in 2006.

Our Russian adoption program is well-organized and is registered with full authority to work in Russia. It's overseen by trained and caring representatives in nine regions. They are dedicated to assisting families during their adoption process.

We make it our goal to be well informed and in touch, with a view of giving very personal care to families in preparation, in travel and in successfully finalizing their Russian adoption. We have worked and traveled widely in Russia establishing relationships and working out all the adoption details with officials in the central and regional governments as well as with orphanage directors.

We have a Russian adoption office with a National Coordinator and Travel Coordinator and staff in Moscow with full-time representatives in different regions throughout Russia. CHI gives special attention to Russian adoption and we recommend you contact CHI families regarding their experience with CHI.

"We used CHI, not because we thought everything would be perfect, but because we knew everything would be handled"   Second-time family.

For more information about our Russian Adoption Program, click here.

You may also call us toll free at 1-888-899-2349,  or send an e-mail to Russia@ChildrensHope.net

Click here to download a free adoption guide online - or order it by email.

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