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                 Newspaper articles featuring Children's Hope International 

May 18, 2005 Children’s Hope International is one of the First Agencies to be Re-accredited by Russian

11/19/04- Radio Free Europe:  CHI’s Yuriy Kudinov is interviewed for broadcast/article about Russian 
     adoption, both domestic and international.

11/01/04- Williamson CO. A.M.: Brenda Barker and the CHI Southeast Branch featured in this article
international adoption.

10/31/04- SE Missourian: CHI adoptive mom talks about adoptive children remembering their heritage

8/29/04- St. Louis Post-Dispatch: Families adopting internationally will receive close to 70% of   
      Missouri Tax Credit.


7/25/04- St. Louis Post-Dispatch: Of the over 1000 people attending the CHI Reunion Picnic, a
     few families had sets of twins.

  6/17/04- Arnold-Imperial Journal: Twins from Siberia find a home in America.
  5/27/04- Arizona Republic: Phoenix children returning to China to explore their birth country.
  5/03/04- St. Louis Post-Dispatch: Missouri Legislature finalizing changes in bill that covers $10, 000 Adoption Tax Credit.
  2/26/04- Springfield, Mo News-Leader: CHI editorial regarding Missouri State Audit of Adoption Tax 

  11/26/03- Audubon County Advocate: This Iowa couple had two biological children but traveled to 
      Russia for their third child.

  10/13/03- St. Louis Post-Dispatch: Three mothers review the film “Casa De Los Babys” to compare it
      to  their Guatemalan adoption experience.

  6/21/03- Alton Telegraph: Illinois children in Vacation Bible School raise enough money for Children’s
      Hope to bore four fresh water wells in India.


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