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God Was in Everything:
The Woods Colombia Adoption of 3 Siblings

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Aids Work Built and Building


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Share Her Whole Heart
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Caterpillars and Eyebrows: Bringing Up a Chinese Girl into a Young Woman


Calling all Young Artists:
Share your child's art with Children's Hope.


Twenty-four Children’s Hope China Families Travel to Unite with Their Children

Program Director currently in Colombia

A New Referral and a New Year Going into a New Millennium

Trips for bonding and adoption finalization in Kazakhstan

Accreditation News? We’re Waiting, Too

Wait Times Increase with Applications on the Rise for Vietnam

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Changing Seasons, Changing Colors: Fall Leaves Project

Whether you are daydreaming about playing golf or actually following-through by mowing the lawn, the motivation is always the same: get outside! September is a great time to head outdoors with your youngsters to enjoy the amazing weather and the changing fall leaves.

Set a time to go for a walk with your child and select a variety of leaves together, whether on the ground or still on the branch. After returning home, look up and identify the different types of trees that the leaves come from.

Place wax paper over the leaves and color over them with crayon. The crayons will leave an impression from the leaves on the wax paper.

After the color drawings are completed, lay leaves flat in newspaper and place a series of books over top and let them dry out over several days.

When the leaves are dry, place them between two sheets of wax paper. Wrap a towel over the wax paper and iron over the bundle with a medium temperature iron. (Ironing should be done by adults only!) After the wax paper has cooled, cut the creation into a shape you desire and frame.

Getting hunted with questions while hunting leaves:

“Why do leaves change color?”

“Where do the different colors come from?”

“Why do leaves fall?”

Sound like an expert by finding all the answers at Eek!, Environmental Education for Kids online.

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