Our Staff in Beijing

In the office in Beijing we have a wonderful staff  totally dedicated to the work of adoption and helping children here.
 Their work includes liaison with orphanages, presenting family dossiers to the CCAA in Beijing, following up for referrals, and,
very importantly, meeting adoptive families and accompanying them in their travel and adoption. 

These fine ladies and gentlemen are a part of our full-time staff in China.  We are fortunate to  have other part-time staff who assist with our families
when they travel to the province where their child is waiting.  Families can be assured that when they arrive in China
they will be well taken care of for the entire time they are there.


front: George, Wu Jian Ying,  CHen Yi Qin,  Melody,  Marilyn,
back: Sabrina (Zhou Zhi Yi),  Lina(Xu Li Na),  Joyce( hang Xiao Chun),  Maria,  Wendy,  Anna,  Judy,  Fred